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June 2017

Expanded Second Edition - with 24 New Pages.
"The West's Most Popular Hobo Graffiti Magazine"
A rollicking rail zine of boxcar graffiti and obscure railroad nostalgia - the result of a
25-year obsession with hobo and railworker folklore. Freight riding stories, interviews
with hoboes and boxcar artists, historical oddities and tons of photos of modern day
boxcar tags, with a special focus on work by the late Margaret Kilgallen, are all
presented in the guise of a vintage rail fanzine. From the maker of
the underground documentary film 'Who is Bozo Texino?'.
Bill Daniel, Cover by Barry McGee, Second Edition 2012, 168 pgs, 23 x 15 cm
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The secret history of Hobo Graffiti, a documentary film shot on 16mm and Super 8. This
mostly factual cinematic account of the epic search and unlikely discovery of hobohemia's
most legendary boxcar artist faithfully photographed in realistic black and white film at
considerable risk from speeding freight trains, will likely amuse and confound you in
its sincere attempt to understand and preserve this mysterious artform.
"A hypnotic, rail-rattling tone poem of subversive wayfarer wisdom." DVD 56 minutes
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Artist and activist Clayton Patterson has lived in New York's Lower East Side for 30 years,
tirelessly documenting his neighbourhood in photographs and video. The front door photos
were a collective portrait of his neighbourhood, each week, he took hundreds of photos of
local residents in front of his grafitti encrusted front door. This large format, full colour
book reproduces 300 front door photos of families, workers, bowery bums, little kids and
local tough guys, spanning a period during which the LowerEast Side has been gentrified
and the predominantly hispanic residents have been displaced forever.
The photos are accompanied by Clayton's extensive reminiscences of 30 years as a socially
engaged L.E.S. resident, his 1980s career as a designer of unique baseball caps, curator of
tattoo and outlaw/outsider art exhibitions plus interviews with local characters like grafitti
artist LA2, Keith Haring's mentor/collaborator now largely unrecognised and uncredited.
CLAYTON PATTERSON'S FRONT DOOR BOOK is a rare gem of a book,
crammed with a wealth of information and seldom heard voices. READ MORE...
2009, paperback, 9 x 12 inches, 160 pages, 100 pages of photos + 56 pages of text.
2 copies left - these have some slight damage, - where the spine has been knocked,
there is a 1 inch closed tear, and very slight scuffing to the back cover.
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DEEP DARK DEPRESSION - Dan Holliday & Andrew Craig
Just as soon as they managed to crawl out of the CYBERCESSPOOL, Dan and Andrew
have fallen into a DEEP DARK DEPRESSION! Inspired/horrified by recent financial up-
fuckery the artists decided to make their own money, this book is a collection of self-made
bank notes - paranoid pounds and corrupt currency from some lesser known financial
institutions - the Bank of Death, Bank of Disaster & Drought and the bank of Bollocks.
15 x 30cm, 52 pages, silkscreened in 2-5 colours on grey sugar paper, cover printed
in silver on high gloss blue card. Handsewn, 75 copies, signed and numbered, 2011.
Made in East London, it's not a Dernier Cri publication - but belongs in this section!
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CYBERCESSPOOL - Dan Holliday & Andrew Craig
Hand silkscreened throughout, in 3 colours on heavy paper + a couple of pages
printed 1 or 2 colours on thin flimsy paper! Metallic card cover. 30 x 42 cm,
36 pgs, 2008/9, handsewn, edition of 80 copies, signed by the artists, 2008/9,
Self-published in East London.
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Extrapool is an independent 'arts centre' in Nijmegen, Netherlands, with a gallery/
performance space, print shop (KNUST), recording studio and bookshop. Consisting of a
CD and mini CD of Radio Plays, 7 inch vinyl single, 17 large postcards and three badges,
AUDIOTRON is an extravagantly presented showcase of artists who have worked and
performed there! CD includes full length Radio Plays by Coolhaven, Powerplant and Mai
Marie & Soul is You. Mini CD contains radio play miniatures by Wolfgang Muller,
Edward Ka-spel, Ernst Markus Stein, Greg Malcolm, Idea Fire Company, Dave Philips,
frans de Waard, Brandon Labelle, Kosten Koper, leff Elggren, Lucky Dragons,
GX Jupitter-Larsen, Joe Fawley, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstok, Kasper vanHoek/
Albert Westerhoff, Rob Meelkop and Howard Stezler. 7" by Bertin.
Printed at KNUST on digital stencil printers. 21 x 21 cm
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This collection of Jan-Dirk's idiosyncratic satirical comics is ingeniously bound just by
cutting and folding the pages, there's no glueing, stapling or sewing involved. Dutch text!
Printed on digital stencil printer, full colour, 24 pages, 27 x 20 cm.
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