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January 2020

G.P.O. versus G.P-O - MAIL ACTION
In 1976 Genesis P-Orridge, Performance Artist, Musician, Mail Artist and Youth Leader
was prosecuted for sending several postcards with 'indecent designs or images' through the
British postal system. He decided to turn this court case into an art event/performance
which is thoroughly doccumented in this publication. The book includes images of the
original postcards together with the court summons, solicitors letters, character references
from William Burroughs and Sir Norman Reid - Tate Gallery Director, cards & letters of
support, Press Clippings, Photographs of the artist and supporters outside the court
building and also the list of people that Genesis P-Orridge invited to attend the trial,
including Artists, Curators, Pornographers and Charles Manson.
Originally published in 1976 by Ecart, Geneva, this book has been out of print and
near-impossible to get hold of for decades, it provides a fascinating look at this unique
event - a cultural collision between the authorities, the UK art establishment,
important 1970s British artists and the International Postal Art Network.
104 pages, 26.5 x 20 cm, B&W, Primary Information, New York, 2103.

American Artist David B. Greenberger started The Duplex Planet in 1979, just after
completing art school he took a job in a home for the elderly, where he soon decided to
record his conversations and the residents responses in a small homemade magazine.
Instead of a conventional Oral History approach he asked quirkier questions such as:-
Whats the worst trouble you were ever in? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What's a Fuzztone?
How is Cellophane tape made? . . . . . . . . What would be a good name for a new city?
What's Gravity? . . . . . . . Who's the most famous person in the living world for you?
If you hosted your own TV show what would you call it? . . . . . . . . What is Sleep

A5, 16 pgs, illustrated with drawings by and photographs of the contributors.
Various back issues available from issue #88 (1987) to #186 (2009)
You'll receive an assortment, tell me if there are particular issues you want.
Here's a longer article I wrote about The Duplex Planet.
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the book on books on artists books - ARNAUD DESJARDIN
The result of exhaustive research and covering the period 1972-2013 this book details over
600 publications the majority of which are illustrated. Entries are divided into the following
categories:- Exhibition Catalogues, General Reference, Collection Catalogues, Artist
Monographs, Publisher Monographs, Artists' books on books, Periodicals, Publisher
Catalogues, Yearbooks & Fair Catalogues, Dealerships. An Essential reference guide
for anyone interested in Artists Books or books on artists books...
Second expanded edition, 320 pages, 2013.
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I'm really please to have got hold of copies of this magnificent book, produced for
the 2007 Relics & Reliquaries exhibition at Crand Central Art Center, Santa Ana,
California, this book covers over 40 years of Vallances work.
176 pgs, Clothbound Hardback with Dustjacket, 29 x 23 cm, 2008.
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In April 1978, Californian Artist Jeffrey Vallance went to the local Ralph's supermarket,
bought a frozen chicken which he named Blinky and then drove to the Los Angeles Pet
Cemetary where he had Blinky buried and a grave marker erected. This book is a reprint of
the 1979 edition which documented this unique performance/prank, Beautifully produced
with embossed cover and endpapers showing the bloodstained ' shround of Blinky'. This
expanded edition of Blinky comes with a DVD of a 15 minute video made in 1988,
showing the exhumation, autopsy and reinterment of Blinky!
2008 (3rd Edition), 14 x21cm, 30 pgs, Embossed colour cover.
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'A sidesplitting chronicle of the inescapable influence of America's 37th President, Richard
M. Nixon, on one of the art world's liveliest mavericks, Jeffrey Vallance.' Growing up in
California in the 1960's, Vallance became, seemingly inevitably, mildy obsessed by Richard
Nixon. In 1990 after his offer to donate some of his artwork to the official Richard Nixon
Library was declined, Vallance created his own Richard Nixon Museum exhibition.
This pocket-sized book contains a mixture of Nixonian ephemera, artwork and
anecdotes in Jeffrey Vallance's unique style - blurring history and mythology
Paperback, USA, 2005, 18 x 13cm, 32 pgs.
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