A IS FOR ZEBRA - Sean Tejaratchi
A is for Zebra is a Large Format, A3 size, all-ages alphabet, art & activity book, intended for lovers of graphic design,
typography, lettering, word play and vintage commercial art. Each page features a brightly coloured letter of the
alphabet surrounded by dozens of crisp black and white illustrations depicting words that begin with that letter.
From obvious to obscure, there's fun for the whole family in identifying the images! Answers are included in the
back of the book. A new departure for Sean Tejaratchi, creator of Crap Hound, and unrepentant Image Junkie.
Each page in A is for Zebra would also work perfectly as a print and look great framed and hung on your wall.
Caution - may contain American spelling!
40 pages, 42 x 30 cm, full colour print on high quality paper, soft cover, saddle stitched, 2014.
UK - £18.95
EUROPE - £23.95

Crap Hound is pure imagery, each page is filled with high-contrast line art, culled from vintage catalogues,
advertising, obscure publications and found ephemera. Through sheer volume of artfully arranged
iconography, Crap Hound explores the popular meaning, cultural ideals and historic symbolism of hands,
hearts and eyes, - you'll find 16 pages of eyes, 24 pages of hearts, 35 pages of hands, 3 copyright free
typefaces and a couple of pages of random images! A4, 88 pgs, 4th Edition 2014.
UK - £12.95
EUROPE - £16.50

Meticulously researched, encyclopedic in scope, carefully compiled and beautifully laid-out,
this issue of Crap Hound contains thousands of clipart images from the 1920s - 1980s
relating to every imaginable superstition and type of Good and Bad Luck!

A4, 100 pgs, Second Printing 2014.
UK - £12.95
EUROPE - £16.50

This long-awaited reprint includes an ALL NEW 16 page supplement!
A4, 116 pages, 4th Edition, 2012.

UK - £ 17.95
EUROPE - £21.95

UK - £23.95
EUROPE - £28.95

UK - £39.95
EUROPE - £46.95

Back in print for the first time since 1996! Crammed chock full of illustrations of Devils, Demons, Satans,
Lucifers and Beelzebubs. They're horned, goatee-bearded, mustachioed, pointy-eared, sharp-tailed and
trident-equipped. Cloaks or Cloven hooves are available as optional extras. Transitioning through a
section populated entirely by Harlequins, fools, jesters, and jokers we arrive in Clownland, and meet every
imaginable type of clown. Happy clowns, sad clowns, scary clowns, cheerful clowns, adult clowns, kiddie
clowns, product-endorsing clowns, circus clowns, killer clowns, clown dolls and animal clowns. And there's
a let's-go-fishin section with a multitude of images of Bait, Lures, Fishooks, Worms, and Maggots... plus
there's 5 hand-drawn typefaces and 4 pages of anything-goes eye-candy. This expanded reprint has grown
in size to include a whopping 20 entirely new pages! A4, 100 pgs, 2nd Edition 2010.
... only a very few copies left ... if you want one, get it NOW! ...
UK - £29.95
EUROPE - £33.50
WORLDWIDE - £36.95

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