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Jam-packed full of images of; american flags, upright citizens saluting the flag,
schoolkids pledging allegiance to the flag, democrat donkeys and republican
elephants, voting and elections, political campaigning, priests, flocks, prayers,
rosaries, churches, crosses, bibles, choirboys, jesuses, tablets of stone, the
constitution & bill of rights, independence, 1776, 4th of July, fireworks, Liberty
Bell, the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sams, patrioticness, fightin'men defending
Liberty, salvation, temptation, angels, devils, etc... This 2nd edition includes
an all-new 24-page BONUS addendum full of even more content!
A4, 124 pages, 2nd Edition 2017.
UK £13.95
Europe €20.00
USA/Worldwide - $28.00

Crap Hound is pure imagery, each page is filled with high-contrast line art, culled
from vintage catalogues, advertising, obscure publications and found ephemera.
Through sheer volume of artfully arranged iconography, Crap Hound explores the
popular meaning, cultural ideals and historic symbolism of hands, hearts and eyes,
you'll find 16 pages of eyes, 24 pages of hearts, 35 pages of hands, 3 copyright free
typefaces and a couple of pages of random images!
A4, 88 pgs, 4th Edition 2014.
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UK £15.95
Europe €23.00
USA/Worldwide - $30.00

Meticulously researched, encyclopedic, carefully compiled and beautifully laid-out,
this issue of Crap Hound contains thousands of clipart images from the 1920s - 1980s
relating to every imaginable superstition and type of Good and Bad Luck!
A4, 100 pgs, Second Printing 2014.
UK £13.95
Europe €20.00
USA/Worldwide - $28.00

UK £40.00
Europe €55.00
USA/Worldwide $70.00

UK £ 26.00
Europe €36.00
USA/Worldwide $50.00

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