LE DERNIER CRI Publications - Page 4
July 2017

A3, 36 pages including fold-outs, all silkscreened, June 2105, 200 copies.
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An appropriately Monster-sized catalogue documenting the 2 exhibitions which took place
in Marseille and Sete, showcasing 40 years of Avant Garde japanese Comic Artists
296 pages, Offset & Silkscreen A5, 1500 copies, 2015
Paul Gravett's exhibition review video of the exhibition
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This issue of Hopital Brut has contributions by 300 artists - mostly full page illustrations,
plus a 3D section, A4, 312 pages, (!) offset & silkscreen, silkscreened covers,
sewn binding with exposed spine, 1000 copies, published June 2014.
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A comic strip account of Craoman's trips across europe accompanying touring bands,
that's 8000 km of criss crossing europe, from the tedium of hours and hours in the back of
the van to the exhuberance of live gigs, joy of meeting old friends in distant cities to sheer
exhaustion of a relentless tour schedule. Scenery, gigs, beer, squats, border police
extortion, hangovers, dog spotting, dead dog spotting, dodgy local alcohol,
fart jokes, planning the next tour... it's kinda sorta Joe Sacco x Rollins.
A5, 60pgs, printed in red and blue with a 3 colour silkscreened cover, edition of 666, 2014
A co-publication by le Dernier Cri & Taste y Cool
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22 x 31cm, 32 pgs, all silkscreen, November 2013, 200 copies.
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Video game x-ray-eyed monster men communicating via communal beaver brains,
ambushed in pyramigloo porno-scanner battlefields under attack from hijab-clad golf kart
assault squads, a skate-lozenge-vehicle production line is staffed by a chest-eye-canon
equipped, hitech-leotarded workforce, a flotilla of tie-die insectoid islands drift across
Nathalie Du Pasquier-esque patterned, textured, grained backgrounds, tableaux of ladders,
levels, dungeons, tunnels & caves lead to a neon-bleeding white cube gallery of sculpted
mutants posed on plinth pits. This truly is some next level shit with paranoid patrols of
tooled-up, lazertit-equipped garage kit figures, blatantly non-theorised gaming, a pre-teen
atari riot for joystick junkies with RSI-digits and thumb culture bleeps and boosters.
21 x 30 cm, 50pgs, Cover is 5 colour silkscreen on futuristic silvery metallic paper,
inside pages are full colour offset. December 2013, 1000 copies.
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