LE DERNIER CRI Publications - Page 4
May 2017

This issue of Hopital Brut hs contributions by 300 artists - mostly full page illustrations,
plus a 3D section, A4, 312 pages, (!) offset & silkscreen, silkscreened covers,
sewn binding with exposed spine, 1000 copies, published June 2014.
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Stephane Blanquet & Christian Gfeller + Anna Hellsgaard

In this collaborative book a selection of motifs familiar from Blanquet's work, plants,
insects, genitalia and faces are combined to create near-abstract patternscape, printed
in dense black ink over multicoloured colour blends and bold
geometric shapes, handprinted by Gfeller + Hellsgaard.
Silkscreen, 20 pages, 19 x 28cm, edition of 125 numbered copies,
signed by the artists, handsewn thread binding, Re;Surgo, Berlin 2014.
This book is now out of print, and no longer available from the publishers
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22 x 31cm, 32 pgs, all silkscreen, November 2013, 200 copies.
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A collection of paper cuts made by Henning Wagenbreth in 2005 and 2014,
Screenprinted, hand-bound and published in a numbered edition of 500 copies
by Strane Dizioni, Seripola, Italy.
Paperback, 2014, 23.5 cm x 17 cm, 52 pages + dustjacket.
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Video game x-ray-eyed monster men communicating via communal beaver brains,
ambushed in pyramigloo porno-scanner battlefields under attack from hijab-clad golf kart
assault squads, a skate-lozenge-vehicle production line is staffed by a chest-eye-canon
equipped, hitech-leotarded workforce, a flotilla of tie-die insectoid islands drift across
Nathalie Du Pasquier-esque patterned, textured, grained backgrounds, tableaux of ladders,
levels, dungeons, tunnels & caves lead to a neon-bleeding white cube gallery of sculpted
mutants posed on plinth pits. This truly is some next level shit with paranoid patrols of
tooled-up, lazertit-equipped garage kit figures, blatantly non-theorised gaming, a pre-teen
atari riot for joystick junkies with RSI-digits and thumb culture bleeps and boosters.
21 x 30 cm, 50pgs, Cover is 5 colour silkscreen on futuristic silvery metallic paper,
inside pages are full colour offset. December 2013, 1000 copies.
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