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January 2020

22 x 31cm, 32 pgs, all silkscreen, November 2013, 200 copies.
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A4, 32 pgs with a wraparound foldout cover, all silkscreen
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Each page is printed with 3 spot colours - red, blue and purple - which combine to create
other colours and build up dense, intense, multilayered images of heads. The publishers
explain how the original drawings were created:- 'Brinkman drew heads on a sheet of rice
paper, using the bleed through on the following pages as the basis for new drawings'
The last Brinkman book I had sold out instantly, luckily there's more copies of this one!
2013, 29.5 x 19.5 cm, 48pgs, offset, 1000 copies.
Le Dernier Cri co-publication with Picturebox.
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LE DERNIER CRI - Legendary Publishers of the International Underground
This full colour catalogue from Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, is an invaluable
look at the background and history of Le Dernier Cri, with four short essays by
Jean Louis Lanoux, Emmanuel Renoud, Georganne Deen and Pakito Bolino,
details of their films, and a bibliography covering 1993 - 2002. Plus there's dozens
of images of Le Dernier Cri books - including many rare and out of print titles.
Offset, 11 x 23 cm, 32pgs, Smart Art Press USA, 2003.
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LES LAPIDAIRES - Pierre Guilheim + Baptiste Brunello
A5, 72 pgs with multiple foldout pages, Silkscreened cover, interior pages offset, 500 copies.
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Derranged, depraved goings-on in an abandoned decaying holiday camp!!
2012, 21 x 30 cm, 44 pages, all silkscreen, cover is printed in 5 colours,
inside pages in brown and yellow, 200 copies.
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