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April 2018

LES LAPIDAIRES - Pierre Guilheim + Baptiste Brunello
A5, 72 pgs with multiple foldout pages, Silkscreened cover, interior pages offset, 500 copies.
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Derranged, depraved goings-on in an abandoned decaying holiday camp!!
2012, 21 x 30 cm, 44 pages, all silkscreen, cover is printed in 5 colours,
inside pages in brown and yellow, 200 copies.
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A booklet of Su Mead's paintings, produced for his 2012 exhibition in Tokyo.
A5, 44pgs, silkscreen cover, inside pages duotone with full-colour foldouts. 700 copies. Adults Only!

Bring out Your Dead, Bring Out your Dead! 1348 was the year of the Black Death, Marcel
Ruijters explores the bubonic plague that raged across europe in a series of intricate full
page illustrations, With a tip of the hat to Breughel and Heironymus Bosch, this series of
tableaux depict the hideous effects of the disease in an highly imaginative way with
humorous touches. Heavyweight paper gives a parchment feel to the books pages.
Silkscreened cover, inside pages are full colour offset, 30 x 21 cm, 700 copies, 2011.
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Cetait ca ou couvrir le monde de crottes de merde
Moolinex & Aurelie William-Levaux

A joint effort - with Moolinex's drawings and Aurelie'e drawn and sewn
images on fabric each accompanied by short captions and slogans.
Full colour offset with silkscreened
cover, 64pgs, A4, 2011, 500 copies.
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This anthology has has contributions from Anne Van der Linden, Francesco Defourny,
Pakito Bolino, Marcel Ruijters Mathias Lehmann, Marie-Pierre Brunel,
P'tit Marc and Benjamin Monti , on various different sized pages...
All silkscreen, 40 pgs, 26 x 26 cm, 2011, 200 copies.
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