May 2017

Made from Perspex, with raised acrylic letters on both sides,
lettering colours vary slightly on each necklace.
2 x 5cm on a 40cm chain, Limited Edition of 36,
2008, comes with signed & numbered packaging.

Each necklace is individual - they're handmade
and the colour of the letters is different on each one!
2 x 5cm on 40cm chain, Limited Edition of 36,
2008, comes with signed & numbered packaging.

Made from translucent, fluoro pink tinted Perspex, can also be clipped onto your nose!
Limited Edition of 36, 5 x 6 cm on 30 cm chain, in signed & numbered packaging.
Inspired by a vintage shop sign, this necklace was the first collaboration between
jewellery/accessories designers TATTY DEVINE and artist Mark Pawson. Made from
Perspex and shown above actual size, the necklace has raised lettering in bright
primary colours on both sides! Every necklace is individual - they are handmade and
the colour of the letters is different on each one! Comes packaged on a card
showing the front door of TATTY DEVINE's East London Shop. Mark Pawson & Tatty Devine, 2004.

OPEN & CLOSED - Mark Pawson
2004. Reversible Perspex Sign with multicoloured lettering, 26 x 8.5 cm, Edition of 60.
Comes complete with chain - ready to hang. White background, Letters in Red, Crimson,
Orange, Black, Green, Blue & Aqua Blue. Letter colours vary on each sign - every one
is different! Signature and number laser etched into the sign, packaged in a custom
made signed & numbered cardboard box.
Produced with invaluable assistance from Tatty Devine.

Handprinted using two sets of rubberstamps bought at an educational supplies
shop in Mexico City and stamped in the colours of the Mexican flag
1999, 10 x 10cm, 16 pages.

I just managed to get hold of some copies of this 17 year old Gem! - a Catalogue of self-
published and autonomous print creations from the hands-on exhibition of zines, comics,
pamphlets and other < self-produced print at the 121 Centre, Brixton. Organised by Jason
Skeet & Mark Pawson, we also wrote, laid out and printed the catalogue ourselves.
Reviews 250 titles, plus short essays looking at specifics of autonomous self-publishing
as well as placing this activity in a wider context; Autonomy, Dialectics of desk-top-
publishing, Cultural Noise, Appropriate Scale Publishing, Price No Object/ Priceless
Objects, Postal Pleasure, Refusing regularity, A Zinester Rants, The Free Information
Network, E-zines and computer bulletin boards, Autobio Comix, and a Non-exhaustive
resources section. The COUNTER INTELLIGENCE exhibition was also showns at Gavin
Brown's enterprise in New York and included in Hans-Ulrich Obrist's 1996
live-life/life-live project. A vital doccument of its time. 1995 A4 28pgs

I just found a couple of used copies of this - get in touch if you'd like to buy one.
A collection of old patterned papers that I bought from a printers intending to use them in
book projects. Seven years later most of it is sitting unused on a shelf taking up space and
gathering dust. I felt it was time to do something useful with it. This deluxe version
features theft, sex, guns and rolls of used ten pound notes!! (sort of...) A larger version,
with more pages and a lengthier explanation! Feb 2002 14x14 cm 26pgs