Desirable Objects by Mark Pawson
May 2017

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These books are made out of the wrappers from reams of photocopier paper and
also the wrappers used to package paper and card when it's delivered by the
paper merchant/wholesaler, which I've collected/hoarded for several years.
Mark Pawson 2007 - 2017, 14.5 x 14.5 cm, 26 pages, handsewn, signed & numbered
edition of 300 copies. Each copy is unique.
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1995 - 2000 I had a stack of old catalogs from the legendary New York artists book store,
which feature 5 of my books on page 28! Instead of throwing them out I decided to make
them my own by going through them and adding notes, saying hello to friends,
commenting on books I've got, drawing beards on people, and whatever else came to
mind, generally having fun annotating and annecdoting them with blue and
bright pink ink, plus a bit of rubberstamping in white ink!
Edition of 16 copies, each is unique. 21x14cm 80pgs
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