Desirable Objects by Mark Pawson
May 2017

THE ADDRESS IS THE ART - Mark Pawson, 2003-2017
The Address Is The Art is made from nearly three decades worth of collected envelopes
from family, friends, mailartists from around the world, junk mail, boring letters from the
bank and more... Covers are rubberstamped by hand with the addition of gummed labels
and stickers, I plan to assemble these continuously over the next few years - so there will
be variations within the edition - every copy is different.
Signed, numbered, handsewn, edition of 500 copies. 14x20cm, 20 pgs.
REVIEW in Art On Paper (USA), Nov/Dec 2006
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Starting with a big stack of secondhand maps of the UK, I've repeatedly printed over them
- building up multiple layers of symbols and imagery. There's new towns - fed with fresh
food from the adjacent greenhouses, acres of forests and orchards, thousands of wind
turbines, I've built hundreds of museums, art galleries, bookshops, libraries and reopened
Post Offices but there's also surveillence cameras everywhere...
"everybody's mapping nowadays" is simultaneously idealistic and practical, decorative
and critical.Plus there's Alien visitations, Geodesic dome clusters, flower bombing,
symbol salad and logo clutter, buried treasure and easter eggs. Screenprinted by hand
with hand-drawn elements, laserprint and stickers, each copy is slightly different.
Mark Pawson, 2012, edition of 120+ 20 Artists Proofs 38 pgs, 20 x 12.5 cm, french-fold
pages, handsewn with muticoloured thread, signed and numbered.
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Kurt Schwitters postcards recollaged/garnished with the addition of 4 highly pungent
scratch'n'sniff pizza stickers arranged in an Iron Cross shape. An updated version of the
1992 edition - made possible with the availablity of these vintage stickers on eBay!
Three different designs, each in an edition of 10, signed, numbered and dated.
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Multiple overprints and a nice random build up of imagery, these books are
made from the sheets of scrap paper I use whilst printing cards for test prints,
cleaning screens and changing inks. Accumulated over several years.
Mark Pawson, 2011-2017, Open edition, 15 x 15 cm, 44 pgs,
signed and dated with rubberstamps.
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Old tourist postcards from around the world with the Reduce, Reuse,
Repair, Recycle text design overprinted on the backs, on top of the
address, messages and postage stamps. Every one is different!
Mark Pawson, 2011 - 2016, Open Edition, signed and dated.
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