May 2017

PINK PAPER, Mark Pawson, 2004 - 2009
Made entirely from intensely bright, dazzling fluorescent pink paper, the pages in The
Pink Paper have been repeatedly screwed up and then flattened, crumpled up and then
smoothed out, scrunched up and then pressed... the harsh fluorescant paper becomes
creased, worn and degraded, and gradually becomes softer, more flexible and
floppy, taking on the character of a fabric rather than paper.
Signed & numbered, edition of 49 copies, handsewn, 20 pgs, 16x16cm

MaPk nAbCoH
1989-99. Random multiple overprints in black, red and blue onto unused billboard poster
paper. An intense visual barrage of overlaid images, textures and graphics - you can feel
the build-up of photocopier toner. When I made these books, I had a pile of paper, and a
stack of black and white collage originals and just keep putting the paper through the
photocopier over and over again, overprinting until the depth and build-up of imagery
gets interesting. 21x15cm, 24pgs, Continuous production since 1989 Each copy unique.
(750+ paperback copies 15 Hardback)

1992 printed on Roneo and Gestetner stencil printers at KNUST Netherlands
500 copies
This book doccuments a site-specific installation made at Community Copyart
London in 1992. I covered the entire wall and ceiling area with 1600 A3 black & white
photocopies. The copies were removed afterwards and bound into this edition of books.
1992A3, 75 copies numbered automatically by the Canon NP 4835, 1992.
Images of the installation here
1988 When I lived at 34 Cotesbach Road, I used sheets of billboard posters ( also used for
MaPk nABCoH ) as a floorcovering, the tough paper wore through at points and picked
up the wood grain from the floorboards below, when I moved house I used the paper to
made an edition of 34 books, which were given to people who had visited or stayed at
the house and contributed to the books by walking on the floor !
1987 Doccumentation of my collection of small plastic babies, beautiful dense red photocopy.
1986 (200 copies)
1983 handmade paper sculpture construction kit, for a zig-zag squiggle shape,
unused advertising billboard poster paper (120 copies)