December 2018

This book collects the small card diagrams that are slotted over the prongs
of new plugs. As seen in the Tate Gallery and on the Big Breakfast!
Three colour print with full-colour centre spread, perforated cover,
handsewn with 4 colour thread. Revised version, 2018, 70x70mm, 60 pgs.
This Book even has it's own wikipedia page!

Reproductions of my handwritten bookshelf divider cards - 82 categories printed on
coloured card, the titles shown above give you a good idea of the diversity of what's on
the shelves. Over the last couple of years I have been slowly, gradually sorting out my
book collection, this series of cards is the result - and I've decided to share them with you!
Set of 82 A5 cards + Title card with a short essay, packaged in a screen
printed cardboard box, 23.5 x 16.2 x 2 cm, 2015, open edition.
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ART MONTHLY - Mark Pawson
An altered, re-edited, reassembled and re-stapled copy of Art Monthly, each copy contains
just the Listings/Exhibitions page spreads from 5 consecutive issues of the magazine.
Each month the artist highlighted exhibitions he was interested in seeing and/or ticked the
ones actually visited. Exhibitions are mostly in London, sometimes elsewhere in the UK,
occasionally abroad, and very occasionally exhibitions in which his work was included.
2013 and 2015, 44pgs, 29.4 x 20.8 cm, stapled, signed and dated on the back cover,
each copy is unique. This is a continuing series and so far 12 copies have been produced.
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I created this handy device for easy alignment and centring of my
badge designs, it's made of clear acrylic, with etched crosshairs and
outlines for 25mm & 36mm badges - the 2 most popular sizes.
Comes with a black ribbon so it can also be worn as a pendant!
Mark Pawson, 2008, 75 x 46mm, Edition of Seventy-seven.
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A3 Risograph print, 1p (£0.01), with any order from this website.

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