Photocopy and Risograph prints by Mark Pawson
October6666 January 2020

SMILE PORTRAIT PORTFOLIO Collaborative Portraits Portfolio In December 1985 I had an idea for a collaborative project involving 4 friends, I started by enlarging to A3 the pictures which appeared in SMILE 7 of Ben Allen, Stewart Home, Pete Horobin and myself, Mark Pawson. A set of the portraits was sent or given to each of the participants with the request to work on them and send a modified set of images back. Each artist treated the material very differently; Ben made six extremely heavily collaged faces that could have been any of the participants, Pete copied 'Smile' dictionary definitions over faded aces. Stewart blocked out everyones features except his own, I gave everyone a patterned haircut and shirt. With the treated portraits I set about photocopying each version of Ben, Stewart, Mark and Pete on top of the others ( I rotated the 6 unidentified collages that Ben made) using Sharp and Canon photocopiers with blue, black, brown and red toners. Here's the result, a portfolio of 4 portraits each made from 4 elements, by 4 artists in 4 colours. Each set is different, the elements and colours were rotated during the photocopying. Mark Pawson. London. April 1986 74 Well Street, Hackney, London, E9 01-985-1174 1 Holly Bank, Cherry Lane, Lymm, Cheshire, WA 13 ONT

Portraits of Ben Allen, Stewart Home, Pete Horobin and Mark Pawson,
by Ben Allen, Stewart Home, Pete Horobin and Mark Pawson,
based on original photographs by Pete Horobin.
Set of 4 A3 prints with a cover page, each print was photocopied in
Red, Blue, Brown + Black, at Community Copyart, London.
1986, Edition of 20, £100


Printed by Ditto Press at Pick Me Up, Somerset House, March 2011.
4 colour Risograph print, 29.7 x 42 cm, signed, Edition of 50.
£10.00 + postage


A3 Risograph print, 1p (£0.01), with any order from this website