January 2020

Waaaay back in time I sold copies of RRR100 (1993) a seven inch single with 100 lock grooves by 100 different
artists, which was followed by RRR500 (1998) a 12-inch LP with 500 locked grooves by 500 artist and now
here's RRR-1000 (2009), with, yes 1000 lock grooves, 50 each from 20 artists. The covers are all unique,
hand collaged with magazine illustrations and photographs glued onto sleeves from old records and edged in duct tape.
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The secret history of Hobo Graffiti, a documentary film shot on 16mm and Super 8. This
mostly factual cinematic account of the epic search and unlikely discovery of hobohemia's
most legendary boxcar artist faithfully photographed in realistic black and white film at
considerable risk from speeding freight trains, will likely amuse and confound you in
its sincere attempt to understand and preserve this mysterious artform.
"A hypnotic, rail-rattling tone poem of subversive wayfarer wisdom." DVD 56 minutes
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Extrapool is an independent 'arts centre' in Nijmegen, Netherlands, with a gallery/performance
space, print shop (KNUST), recording studio and bookshop. Consisting of a CD and mini CD of
Radio Plays, 7 inch vinyl single, 17 large postcards and three button badges, AUDIOTRON is an
extravagantly presented showcase of artists who have worked and performed there!
CD includes full length Radio Plays by Coolhaven, Powerplant and Mai Marie & Soul is You.
Mini CD contains radio play miniatures by Wolfgang Muller, Edward Ka-spel, Ernst Markus
Stein, Greg Malcolm, Idea Fire Company, Dave Philips, Frans de Waard, Brandon Labelle,
Kosten Koper, leff Elggren, Lucky Dragons, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Joe Fawley, Runzelstirn &
Gurgelstok, Kasper vanHoek/Albert Westerhoff, Rob Meelkop and Howard Stezler. 7" by Bertin.
Printed at KNUST on digital stencil printers. 21 x 21 cm
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In April 1978, Californian Artist Jeffrey Vallance went to the local Ralph's supermarket, bought a
frozen chicken which he named Blinky and then drove to the Los Angeles Pet Cemetary where he had
Blinky buried and a grave marker erected. This book is a reprint of the 1979 edition which documented
this unique performance/prank, Beautifully produced with embossed cover and endpapers showing the
bloodstained ' shround of Blinky' This expanded edition of Blinky is accompanied with a DVD of a
15 minute video made in 1988, showing the exhumation, autopsy and reinterment of Blinky!
2008 (3rd Edition), 14 x21cm, 30 pgs, Embossed colour cover.
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A set of badges about John Cage's compositions, working methods, inspirations and passions.
Each pack contains a selection of 4 different badges from the 10 designs shown, and is
accompanied with a leaflet about his work and my memories of seeing him read in 1990.
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