2014 Solo Exhibition by Mark Pawson in Milton Keynes!

photos by Tom Eke

Familiar images and symbols are layered, multiplied and combined with slogans in the visually intense work of artist and
publisher Mark Pawson in his exhibition Sign Map Bag, at Milton Keynes Arts Centre this Autumn.

"I collect things for my own amusement and decoration, Every so often a group of objects will push their way to the
forefront and demand to be taken a bit more seriously." Mark Pawson.

The exhibition reflects a collectors sensibility, presenting groupings of signs, postcards, letters and maps: objects which are
manipulated, overprinted and collaged in bold transformations. For over 25 years Pawson has generated a constant stream of
hand-made books, postcards, badges and multiples. These portable and affordable artworks make their way to audiences
from his legendary stall at book fairs and markets around the world as well as from his own mail-order service and website.

Along with Pawson's near-obsessive collecting, ordering and fastidious making we find playful provocations and reflections
on the wider culture of production, consumption and exchange. Slogans such as 'Wear More Badges' and 'Never Throw
Anything Away EVER' appear in acidic colour via screenprint and photocopy. Examples of works include Reduce Reuse
Repair Recycle (2011) and Street Market/Supermarket (2014) reflecting Pawson's preoccupations with environmental
issues by hand-printing onto the reverse of pizza boxes in one work and fusing together two pre-used plastic bags in the
other, recharging these once commonplace and disposable items with a new lease of life and purpose. Both of these pieces
at the same time generously make themselves available to the viewer for ownership, the former offered free of charge and
the latter moderately priced at the cost of its previous contents, indicated by the shopping receipt still tucked inside as a
reminder of the bags previous life.

A Mark Pawson Perspex sign, made with jewellers Tatty Devine, OPEN & CLOSED (2004) has hung on the front door
of Milton Keynes Arts Centre since 2012. We are now delighted to welcome him back to fill our gallery.

EVENTS - Long Time No See, Friday 3rd October, 7 to 9pm. Free.
Taking inspiration from seeing Claude Bessy VJ at the Hacienda nightclub, Manchester, in the early 1980s, Pawson will
show an eclectic, energetic mix of short films and video clips: expect skateboards, energy domes, puppets, Sugar Puffs, toy
cameras and a little bit of choreography. Pawson, who has not watched television for 35 years, will introduce each
clip wearing appropriate clothing.

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