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January 2020

The Official Pee-Wee Herman Fun Book is jam-packed full of photos and
ephemera from the TV and theatre shows, reusable cling decals of Pee-Wee,
Chairry, Pterri, Conky, Randy and Jambi for you to stick on the set over and over
again, Tattoos (temporary), A magic screen, Pop-Up centre spread, an interview,
postcards, stickers and an activity spinner. it's so big that it had to be bolted
together! Forget "Artists Books", this is ART, get your copy today!
Large format 28 x 30cm, 26 pages, 2010.
IMPORTANT - these books are new in shrink-wrap, they have a sound cell which
should function when the door on the front cover is opened but due to age or a
manufacturing fault this feature no longer works. For this reason the book is sold
as-is, no refund/exchange/replacement.
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THE NEXT BIG THING #28, 40th Anniversary Issue, 1977-2017.
Lindsay Hutton started The Next Big Thing, named after a Dictators song, in early 1977
and published 23 issues in the next 10 years - that's an impressive schedule and a further 5
issues appeared sporadically over the next thirty years. Initially fired up by 'Punk', N.B.T.
increasingly sought out the raw rock'n'roll energy of punk's predecessors and earlier
influences. With extensive gig, record and zine reviews, charts and collages and articles
from an illustrious list of contributors. N.B.T. was always enthused, informative and
opinionated, articles are often handwritten and signed by the author - a neat personal touch,
and there's plenty of Scots phrases thrown in to baffle Sassenachs. Pure Dead Brilliant.
Issue 28, has editor Lindsays' reminiscences on his fanzine 'career', Amy Rigby's memories
of moving to NYC in 1976, Art Fein on being The Cramps' manager, a report from the
Fantastic Dracula Carnival in Benidorm, a story from J.D.King, hate mail, Norwegian
pop/punk duo The Dahlmanns, The Shizophrenics, a conversation between Laura Cantrell
and Amy Rigby and a letter from Morrissey (from 1983!) Plus a 7" single from The
Dahlmanns. (Also available without the vinyl if you live in a record-player free household.)
7"x7" packaged with a header card, 32 pages, 2017.
Magazine + 7" Single
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American Artist David B. Greenberger started The Duplex Planet in 1979, just after
completing art school he took a job in a home for the elderly, where he soon decided to
record his conversations and the residents responses in a small homemade magazine.
Instead of a conventional Oral History approach he asked quirkier questions such as:-
Whats the worst trouble you were ever in? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What's a Fuzztone?
How is Cellophane tape made? . . . . . . . . What would be a good name for a new city?
What's Gravity? . . . . . . . Who's the most famous person in the living world for you?
If you hosted your own TV show what would you call it? . . . . . . . . What is Sleep

A5, 16 pgs, illustrated with drawings by and photographs of the contributors.
Various back issues available from issue #88 (1987) to #186 (2009)
You'll receive an assortment, tell me if there are particular issues you want.
Here's a longer article I wrote about The Duplex Planet.
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